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Happy New Year - 2023

Just an update as we move towards 2023, it's frightening the speed that 2022 went by. New Year Sale - a wopping 20% discount across the store to see in 2023. Sale lasts for the whole New Year's weekend - from 30th December to 2nd January 2023 - start the year off with a bang just use '2023sale' at the checkout.


A quick apology - over the Christmas period we had an IT problem which hit our stock monitoring and much of our stock was shown as out of stock. We believe we have rectified the fault and readjusted our stock levels, however, it's always possible we missed a few. So if you find something that you need marked 'out of stock' please make contact. This will allow us to double check the system.

Developing Sustainable Products

With asian flu decimating the bird flocks, we continue to focus on sustainability. We are trying to replicate synthetic herls and replace some of the animal products with plant based alternatives.

Pure Bamboo Dubbing

A revolutionary dubbing which in the hand has a feel somewhat similar to pure silk, it is

surprisingly fine, soft dubbing and is made from 100% natural pure bamboo pulp. It is available in 10 perfectly matched colours. The material features long, thin, strands, making it perfect for nymphs and fine wet fly bodies.. Being fine, soft and silky to the touch, it is an easy dub product.

Micro Synthetic Herl

The herls are extremely fine in diameter and are available in, Peacock and some metallic type variations. . Currently they have been dyed in a series of natural non fluorescent colours. The trials have gone exceedingly well both in the tying room and on the water.

Super Soft Blob

As the name suggests this is a really soft blob. It's easy tie and available in widths of 10,20 and 30mm which should suit tying many variations including the Gamechanger fly. These will also be available in gamechanger sets which include approx 1 metre of each size.

We are now in full BFFI Show preparation - we hope to see you there.

All that remains is for me to wish you tight lines and a Happy healthy New Year

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