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20% Discount

20% discount across the whole store starts at Midnight Thursday night and lasts until midnight Sunday 27th November.

Free Pack of Egg-it

On Black Friday - besides the above discount every customer will receive a packet of Pitch Black egg-it (whilst stock lasts).

What will you tie with it from black leeches, egg-it worms to eggs? This hot spot egg in classic colours has been having great success.

Focus on Ice Dubbing

Besides our standard SMI dubbing we have completed the packing of our favourite blends of our Soft Metallic Ice dubbing, it is so soft... below are 4 of the 8 mixes

Black Pearl, Black & Blue, the original mix and Rainbow mix completes the set, a few additional mixes will be added at a later date.... Don't forget the discount applies right across the store - Start browsing at

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