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Pulse is an extremely fine fibre synthetic blob material.  The fishing benefit of PULSE is that it does as the name suggests it pulses when retrieved in the water. The unique movement has picked up fish steadily when normal Fritz has failed. It creates a unique teardrop profile in the water. PULSE helped the Welsh Ladies Team to gold in Lough style International at Llyn Clywedog in July 2018 when the material was tied into a booby fondly named 'Lady Gaga'. Pulse is available as a hanked fibre, on a fine core blob in 30mm. 30mm uv, Rainbow and multi coloured ane at 20mm,standard, a uv and multi coloured variants.   When delevoping the uv version we did not want to adversly affect the movement but to achieve a slight shimmer.



SKU: 364115376135191
  • We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase.  However, If you are dissatisfied with your purchase through a fault in manufacture or dyeing, the item will be replaced or monies refunded.

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