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Predator Hooks/swivels

Our predator hooks are manufactured from Hi carbon steel and both types have wide gapes and large eyes.  The large predator hooks are suitable for Pike, Zander, sea bass etc, available in 2/0 and 4/0 whilst the smaller predator hooks (SP) are suitable for trout, perch, small and large mouth bass. (available in #8 and #10).  All hooks are aviable in pkts of 10 hooks.

All hooks are compatable with our Easy Slip Shanks, Bait fish Skull heads and Predator steel core leader.

8/0 swivels are also avialable, they are black 22mm long and 8/0 and have a tensile strength of over 40lbs

Predator Hooks/swivels

  • We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase.  However, If you are dissatisfied with your purchase through a fault in manufacture or dyeing, the item will be replaced or monies refunded

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