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This clear varnish has been formulated to give a smooth, diamond clear, hard finish.  It is quick drying and supplied in a 12ml bottle with a brush that actually touches the bottom of the bottle.  It has been specially formulated for the fly tying industry and is perfect for coating buzzers or sealing heads.   The Uv version adds a fluorescence  ideal for enhancing bodies and heads...

Owing to restriction on air transportation, we are not allowed to sell these products outside of the U.K.

The varnish thinner has been formulated to mix with our varnish, it will not cloud the varnish.   It comes in an easy to apply bottle and contains 75 ml which will keep your varnish in tip top condition for some time.


Varnish Products

  • We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase.  However, If you are dissatisfied with your purchase through a fault in manufacture or dyeing, the item will be replaced or monies refunded

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