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Our generic box sticker is oval and measures 200mm x  160mm. 

The fluoro-carbon box sticker measure 5in x 4in

The personalised box stickers are A4 and can include your name, club logo and country flag.

Obviously the personalised ones are dearer and will not be immediately available, as they will be printed in a  minimum batch of 20 units.  If there is a group or club sharing the logos there will be a 15% discount for orders of 6 or more.  ( wording and highlights can be added for featuring in competitions or tours).  To purchase this item you will need to make contact to discuss the sticker design...

Fishing Box Stickers

  • We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase.  However, If you are dissatisfied with your purchase through a fault in manufacture or dyeing, the item will be replaced or monies refunded

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