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Get YouTube APK Without Shorts: Enjoy Unlimited Videos on Your Android

Feel free with youtube shorts downloader online, there is no limitation of any kind to download YouTube short video. Youtube shorts downloader tool always feels happy to giving our services to our respected user continuously, our target is providing easy downloading of any kind of Youtube shorts video download online.

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To get access to the YouTube Vanced APK, you must first download Vanced Manager. This is a YouTube Vanced download manager app that offers MicroG and the YouTube Vanced application that can be directly installed without an SAI installer software.

Firstly, you need to download Termux, an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that functions directly without rooting your device. You can download the latest version of Termux from F-Droid and run these commands:

Step 01: There are varies of site which clam that they are providing the official Vanced app, But should you trust theme or not? And after Vanced official close, there are types of scammers waiting for your personal data. So make a sense before download the app so make sure you have downloaded the APK file from because we give ensure that provided APK file will without malware and suspicious programming codes. (Please take a look on VirusTotal Scan results)

Our YouTube shorts video downloader is a dependable option for those who want to download YouTube shorts videos without using the YouTube API. Furthermore, we offer a lifetime of free services to our users and allow them to download an unlimited number of youtube shorts download by link without any charges. Fast and free all in one video downloader To begin using our service, all you need is the link to the specific video you want to download. Once you have pasted the link, our YouTube shorts video downloader will automatically synchronize the video and generate high quality download link for you to save youtube shorts to gallery.

Youtube Shorts are quickly becoming the newest platform for users to create and watch short-form videos. As the demand for this type of content rises, so does the need to access it without ads. Fortunately, now there is an easy way to download Youtube Shorts APK without ads.

Youtube Shorts APK is an excellent and convenient way to access Youtube Shorts content. This can help make it easier for mobile users to view the content they want without leaving the comfort of their homes. The convenience of using this application makes it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to take advantage of the new Youtube feature. Additionally, since the app is completely free, there is no cost associated with downloading and using it.

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Disabling Youtube Short is definitely a wise decision if you want to take control of your time and increase your attention span. Once you disable youtube shorts, you will not see the Youtube Shorts section in your Youtube feed.

You can click on Undo within that screen if you want to bring Youtube Shorts back on your feed. After this, you will not see Youtube Shorts on your feed and there is no way to bring Youtube Shorts back for 30 days. There is no need to disable Youtube shorts separately for a smartphone. With this simple trick, Youtube shorts gets hidden on both smartphone app & With this simple hack, you will be able to remove youtube shorts.

The above method will work just for 30 days. After 30 days, you need to do this again which is not a problem for me. But, if you want to disable Youtube shorts permanently, you can Uninstall Youtube app updates. This method will roll back all the updates and give you the original Youtube App version without Youtube Shorts.

Before you uninstall Youtube updates, please note that you will lose all the latest Youtube features that you might be using right now. After uninstalling updates, you will see the factory version of the Youtube app without any latest features. Here is how to remove Youtube shorts by uninstalling Youtube updates.

Do not download Youtube Vanced from random websites as it may contain unwanted codes to mess up your Android phone or even scam you. Google has already taken down the whole Youtube Vanced project and I strongly recommend not using Youtube Vanced. If you are already downloaded this modded version from an original source and using it for a long time, you can follow the above-mentioned method to disable Youtube shorts at your own risk.

But wanted a youtube video downloader that can easily convert your youtube video into MP4 or download the video for free from youtube without any complexity also it will give you multiple formats through which you can download videos in different sizes & quality

Youtube video downloader is an online youtube video downloader or youtube to mp3 or youtube to mp4 video converter where you can easily download any youtube video within just a few clicks.

The youtube video downloader website works by using the youtube API where when you click on the convert button and select the size of the video you want to or format then it automatically starts downloading the video.

The best youtube downloader for PC is YT1s why because it not only provides you to download youtube videos but it helps you to download videos from 40+ different sources which no other downloaders in the internet is providing right now.

Yes, it's 100% safe to use this online video downloader because this website isn't like other video downloader who were using popup or spammy ads on their website but this online youtube video downloader website is trusted by google adsense and it's 1000% safe to use.

Most of the youtube video downloader online will give you 3-4 formats to download any youtube video form youtube but this youtube video downloader will give you more than 20+ formats inorder to download any videos for free.

Youtube to Mp3 converter is a free tool which helps you to convert any youtube video from youtube and convert it to mp3 format for free. You just need to copy the youtube video link and past in the input box then click on the download button and you will get to download Mp3 format of that video

ReVanced APK is an incredible highly customize official alternative of YouTube Vanced. Although Vanced also offers amazing features but due to YouTube Vanced has stopped, so you should try this ReaVanced APK for same and authentic experience. Watching YouTube content without having ad and along with many features currently the ReVanced is the best option. In the last thought we recommend you to use the app from here, We have tested the ReVanced without millions o users, and they found it a great alternative. Get a customize premium branding logo also you can hide creators watermark. Save all your favorite content from YouTube to your external device. So download the ReVanced APK for android and see the like and dislike on every video, For more quarries contact us.

YouTube Shorts is similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels where the videos are quite attention-grabbing and fun. So there could be several reasons for downloading YouTube Shorts. For instance, you could have deleted the original video from your phone, or you forgot the password of your channel. Fortunately, you can download YouTube Shorts videos with and without being logged in to the account.

Watching Youtube videos experience has changed with the introduction of Shorts. It is like Instagram reels where viewers get information or entertainment in just 1 minute. However, have you ever liked some tips or solutions in Youtube Shorts that you want to save on your Android smartphone for later watch? Then try some free Youtube shorts downloader software either available as a web tool or app.

TubeMate is another Android app to save youtube shorts locally for offline watching. It is an efficient choice for those looking to download their favorite YT videos on Android. It supports background downloading so if you want to use your mobile or surf the internet meanwhile, there is no issue.

These are applications to download short videos posted on the Youtube platform. Actually, these are not exclusive applications to download Youtube shorts, any app that works for videos can save the shorts as well.

When you are satisfied with your video preview results, you can order the high-definition version (720p,1080p,4k60) without any watermarks! After a successful payment through our secure gateway, you will receive a unique link to download your HD video

The best part of this tool is that you will download Instagram video without entering your personal login details because we use Instagram API so we provide directly provide downloading from Instagram. So, you did not need to create an account here for downloading Instagram videos. So, no need to log in or signup here for Instagram Video Download.

We also decided that users always never download the additional app for video downloading so, we introduce the web tool which provides you with Instagram video downloading without any additional app download and we launch our web tool for Instagram downloading.

You can create a simple short-form video by downloading and using the YouTube app. It has a built-in camera for recording shorts, adding text, audio, and effects. Then, all you have to do is upload it.

When you watch a video on YouTube, this application automatically remembers it and adds it to the list so that you can download it right away without searching for a long time. The downloaded video is placed in a folder on your smartphone, which is opened with a password, so you don't have to worry that strangers will see them. This YouTube downloader app for Android also offers the bulk mode if you need all the videos from the channel.

Verdict: KeepVid is the best YouTube downloader for Android if you are looking for something fast and installation-free. You just need a speedy Internet connection, and you can download any video clip in minutes without resorting to the online video downloader. You can also watch the content before downloading, not only on YouTube, but also on 27 video sites.


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